Expand your patent search query

About serkeys

serkeys tool is a patent query expansion tool for engineering designers that lets the exploration of promising keywords about the focal technology in an iterative manner. Basic use of the tool can be summarized as follows:

1. Input a keyword/keywords in the text box provided and hit search button. The tool will find the patents that contain the keywords in title or abstract.
2. Go over the sorted list of terms contained in the found patents. Double click the ones you would like to use for query expansion.
3. Repeat the step 2 until (a) you want to stop, (b) no more patents have returned, (c) no more additional terms returned.
4. You can download the list of related patents found during the search.

serkeys is based on Technology Semantic Network (TechNet) which a semantic network which consists of technology related terms and semantic relations between them. The terms retrieved from unstructured text contained in more than 5.6 million patents in the granted patent database of United States Patent Office (USPTO) and semantic relations between them are calculated using a neural network language model.

TechNet is generated and maintained by the researchers of Data-Driven Innovation Lab in SUTD-MIT International Design Center in Singapore University of Technology and Design.

For more information, please visit TechNet GitHub Repository