How Do We Assess a Patent?

Yuejun He, Jianxi Luo (2017) The Novelty “Sweet Spot” of Invention. Design Science, 3, e21.
Yuejun He, Jianxi Luo (2018) Assess Novelty of An Invention Using the Central-Extreme Novelty Matrix: A Case Study of Juvo Lab's Fibre-Optic Sensor Mat. ICDC, 2018, Bath, UK.

Data: 3.9Million+ Technical Patents

from the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO)

Assessment Criteria

What criteria we use to assess the patents?


Novelty in the EXTREME
of Technology Combination Space


Novelty in the CENTER
of Technology Combination Space

NO NEED to worry about their meanings!

These 2 criteria will be the horizontal and vertical coordinates.

Data Analysis: Patents are mostly at...

3.9+Million Patents Distribution


Data Analysis: Where are the most valuable patents?

Patents Average Value

Top 5% Value Distribution

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